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Human body in its essence is the most complex system ever observed therefore to maintain it is a really arduous task. It is human nature to look for shortcuts, simply is the case with the maintenance of human health. We look for shortcuts and it has been observed that people after losing all their hopes to maintain a healthy life end up using steroids.
Steroids are primarily used to tone up my muscles and to build healthy bodies ignoring the fact that these steroids cause detrimental effects to our immune system thus making our bodies more prone towards infections, ailments and cancer which metastasize gradually starting with liver cancer, hepatitis C, exhausting all glycogen to glucose leading to diabetes mellitus eventually causing death. Therefore shortcuts seem short, attractive, easy and exciting today but in the long run they have immense detrimental effects. Immature and ignorant generation of this era ignores such facts and thus increasing the death toll every single day.
Power lifting is a healthy way to tone up the human body we advise athletes, workers, housewives not to opt shortcuts and go for drug free powerlifting, devoid of steroids, ailments, long lasting negative effects and thus providing one with a happy healthy life.
A progressing and negative trend of our society is use of drugs to increase efficiency, gain neuromuscular control and providing better performance no doubt this so happens but on the other hand there is long and non-ending list of the detrimental and negative effects caused by these drugs thus we advise you to do nothing but drug free powerlifting. Avoid drugs of every sort, strive for a better health, better future and in fact a long life. Tone up your body as much as you keen because the key to success is good looks and power-packed talent and you can simply do this by drug free powerlifting.