A Bright Future for Drug-free Lifters

The idea of using drugs in sport is something that has been scorned upon in each and every sport over the years. Individuals have lost respect, titles and self esteem in the world of sport because of their attachment to the use of drugs. Almost every field of sport has had instances where a section of the participants feel like they are receiving the short end of the stick since they are unwilling to acquire drugs.

There is a worry for drug-free lifters who feel like their counter parts who are using the drugs are getting a head of them and therefore are competing unfairly. There is however a widespread drive to stamp the idea of drugs out of the sport so that the ground is leveled and all athletes can compete with equal opportunities and abilities.

There are many reasons why an athlete should keep away from the concept of using drugs. For starters there is the issue of legality which usually ends up in stripping of medals and fines. Then there is the issue of loss of respect, dignity and self esteem after the discovery of the drug tendencies.

Light at the end of the tunnel does exist for the drug-free lifters because they are recognized as real hardworking and motivated individuals. Apart from the fact that they are usually honored with plenty of applause and no questions asked, they are also recognized as distinguished sportsmen especially since they do not use drugs. Stamping the use of drugs out of any sport is difficult because most times, the racket s quite huge and often involves many people. However, one day at a time, the aspect of using drugs is getting relegated to the back and drug-free lifters are increasingly gaining the recognition, respect and accolades that they rightly deserve.