Drug Free Powerlifters

Drug free powerlifter- what is the advantage to being one instead of relying upon the devious devices often used by the most successful and famous powerlifters in order to achieve their numerous outstanding and nearly unrealistic accomplishments? Well, though it may surprise those people who simply cannot comprehend that an easy way out is not always the best way, drug free powerlifters actually have many tremendous and quite valuable advantages over the powerlifters who utilize drugs, these dangerous, illegal methods, in order to win competitions and become considered the strongest athletes ever.
First of all, when drug free powerlifters win, they win these competitions fair and square. This means that the resulting strength and tremendous abilities that they have achieved and proven to the world are actually genuine. These amazing capabilities have been obtained by much training and dedication from the drug free individuals, and that makes them conscientious, reliable, and most importantly, honest people. Secondly, for those who do not believe that the almighty drug free powerlifters could actually defeat a powerlifter on drugs within a competition, they must be reminded that drugs, after all, are illegal substances, and they are prohibited from use by those who set up these powerlifting competitions in the first place. Because the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) does actually examine and check athletes for drug use before and during these kinds of competitions, there is a very likely chance that a powerlifter who has used drugs to his unfair advantage will be caught and sent immediately to jail. Finally, of course, there is the description of any kind of drug-user’s overall health to be considered. Drugs, no matter who uses them, generally do not benefit anyone’s health in any way.