Is There a Scope for Drug Free Lifters?

To remove any doubt, it can be answered as yes; drug free lifters have a good chance to excel. The world is now more and more awakening to the fact that usage of drug to build up body muscles and weight gain has extreme adverse effects over the years. If we consider weight lifting as a sport, the world’s organizations are now very strict on drug use. Constantly athletes are under the scanner of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). They want to minimize the usage of drugs among athletes. People are being made aware of the hazards of drugs abuse. The idea of using drugs to win games is now firmly considered a hideous act of cheating. Punishments, including jail terms are handed out to a number of athletes.
Most countries have followed and adopted the regulations imposed by WADA. Many countries have started drug-free lifter associations. This is a clear sign of better future. People want to see real athletes, rather than cheats. It is high time that athletes also realize this fact and follow the rules and regulation of WADA. It is important that no competitor uses unfair advantage to win any competition. This is against the basic essence of any sports. People pay money to see their favourite stars. Sponsors pay huge sums to be associated with big stars. This stardom should not come at the cost of personal health and self-respect. Once you are declared a cheat, there is no place for you in the world of sports. No doubt, several companies are offering mind-blowing drugs for lifters having no side effects but, these are just banned because of game rules.