Drug free powerlifting- what it actually is?

Power lifting is actually a sport of testing one’s strength having evolved from a sport called odds lifts resembling more with the Olympic weightlifting. In other words you can say that the Power lifting is associated with lifting heavy weights. The game requires years of training and gym practicing for those intend to become power-lifters. This builds in them, their muscle stamina that can withstand any weight that they are asked to lift.
Since it has become a sport renowned at the international level, various competitions and events are organized in which the competitors from all over the world can participate to get the respective titles. Formerly, it was more a sport with people depending upon their training and strength to achieve their goals but with the passage of time, it evolved to such an enormous competition that led the lifters towards using drugs to increase their stamina for winning. The drugs are usually addictive in nature and after some time of their use left the sportsman in a devastated state of health.
Not only that the use of such Power lifting drugs is more of an unfair means of winning when the player relies on the medication instead of the physical training and exercise thing. In short, it was a convenient way of winning without the workout. So, with the passage of time when the sports boards all over the world realized that the use of such drugs is taking its pace among the players, they stood up with the idea of drug free Power lifting and made arrangements in form of revising the sports board rules, establishing such committees and associations that conducted periodic medical examinations of the players to ensure that they practice drug free Power lifting.