What all Drug Free Lifters Should Know?

Drug free lifters are highly respected people in the field of body building. Athletes who have used supplements to gain their body mass and the animal like physics they have know how difficult it is to gain a pound of pure lean muscle. It is a result of this that drug free lifters are respected by even the strongest of supplement using athletes. The time and determination behind their physics is nothing short of amazing.
Clearly, lifters who use supplements and drug free lifters cannot compete in the same leagues. It was this that prompted the formation of the American Drug Free Power Lifting Federation. It is surprisingly a non-profit organization that gives drug free lifters an opportunity to compete with lifters of their own caliber.
Drug free lifters run a high risk of forcing their bodies to literally feed on themselves. Weight lifting is a very demanding activity both mentally, physically and also in terms of dietary requirements. A drug free lifter who does not supplement his or her workout is likely to face a shortage of energy required to repair broken muscle fibers. The body will automatically kick into survival mode and start to break down fat for energy. Once the fat is over the muscle will be next, something that any lifter doesn’t want. Drug free lifters are more likely to suffer from over working themselves. These two are probably the grandest challenges that drug free lifters face in their quest for lean muscle. So, if anyone wants to boost his or her muscle and body, then he or she can take this drug free lifters great opportunity.
These lifters are among the fittest athletes in the world. They will have trained their bodies to an endurance level matched by very few people. They are more likely to maintain their physics and performance for a much longer time as compared to those who use drugs. For those interested in a challenge, drug free lifting is the challenge for you. The results are pure brute strength and endurance like never before.