Powerlifting: Fair and Square

Powerlifting is a specialized sport, which involves rigorous training and specific techniques. The sport is focused on raw strength and power. Traditionally in powerlifting, low repetitions of large and heavy weightlifting were measured. Traditional judging is still used today, however in recent years more emphasis has been put on ‘explosive power’, meaning the short time it takes for a burst of power to be expelled in which the weight is lifted completely. The three main types of lifts in powerlifting competitions are the bench press, the squat and the deadlift.

Like in many other sports, drugs are sometimes used to enhance the power lifters performance. The subject is continuously in dispute because some people think taking drugs to increase their ability is cheating, and others believe that there is nothing wrong with taking performance-enhancing drugs. Whether sportsmen believe that taking enhancing drugs is cheating or not, there is no doubt that the intake of these drugs are harmful to the body. Regular intake of these drugs will reduce your muscle strength, which in turn will weaken your entire body. The most popular drugs used in powerlifting are high doses of triglycerides, test suspension and Anavar.

The World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF) was founded in 1988. This organization acts as a drug-free international platform. Its aim is to help power lifters that do not use any performance enhancing drugs to compete in fair competitions worldwide. To ensure the competitions are one hundred percent drug free, the WDFPF put power lifters through the most intensive drug testing procedures in the world. Any organization that is associated with the WDFPF must ensure that they use the same level of drug testing as the WDFPF themselves. The WDFPF’s mission is to bring all drug-free lifters together and provide them support and allow them to be involved in worldwide competitions for drug-free lifters only.