Why Drug Free Power Lifting?

Sports and games are enjoyed and admired across the world. Those who like playing games enjoy the heat of that passion that drives them to play those games and those who love watching sports and games enjoy the ignited and acrobatic movement of the sportsmen in the sports field. And to ensure a better and active display of game, the sportsmen love to maintain great body strength. And in the last couple of decades or so, there has been seen a trend to improve the body performance with the help of certain drugs. These drugs temporarily increase the potential of a sportsman to fight better, to run till longer and to pour in more than the usually energy in the game. Though this increases the charm in game, but the other side of the picture is that the use of these drugs is very harmful for the sportsmen in the long run. Those who use such drugs get a higher metabolic rate (temporarily) which seems to increase their strength and potential to run faster or lift more weight but in the long run, it simply spoils their muscle fibers, disturbs their body’s natural metabolism and ruins the overall functioning of the body.
The international organizations of weight lifting and other sports activities have strictly banned the use of such drugs in games. Those sportsmen who are found guilty of this deed are simply banned for life. There have been many sportsmen seen in the last decade who have seen their career coming to end owing to the detection of effect of such drugs in their blood samples. The spectators also dislike such sportsmen who would use such drugs. Thus the trend of drug free power lifting is growing with every passing day and it is something interesting and worth praising.