The WDFPF was created in 1988 specifically as a drug-free alternative international platform – in order to provide fair competition world-wide for those powerlifters who wish to train and compete without performance-enhancing drugs. This remains as important today as it was when the Federation came into being. In pursuit of this objective the WDFPF has adopted the most rigorous drug control procedures in the world. That same rigour is demanded of all those national organizations affiliated to the WDFPF, as a pre-condition of their registration with the world body. It is the only international organization which makes such demands of its members, and this is the true measure of our dedication to the drug-free principle. They firmly believe that there are powerlifters in every part of the world who are sympathetic to the ideals of the WDFPF. Moreover, we believe that drug-free lifters belong in a drug-free organization. It is their mission to develop the sport for the members, to reach out to drug-free powerlifters everywhere, and to increase their international base by bringing them into the WDFPF – where they can be assured that there exists a genuine commitment from all concerned to provide for fair powerlifting competition free from the use of drugs. The ultimate success of drug-free powerlifting depends on those who share our ideals being dedicated – not only to the principle of drug-free competition – but to the success of those genuine drug-free organizations which exist to achieve these objectives. Accordingly they welcome all lifters and officials around the world who subscribe to the ideals of the WDFPF, to join our world-wide body and work with us to turn our aspirations into reality.

Intake of drugs is not only unethical but could also be equally harmful. Regular intake of drugs will reduce your strength and make your body week as time passses. You need to know that even your health insurance.